Anodizing is an electrolytic process that forms an aluminum oxide onto the surface of the material. The oxide film that is formed grows from the base metal as an integral part of the material. Typically, 60% of the thickness builds into the material and 40% builds up. This oxide is hard; and is corrosion and abrasion resistant with excellent wear properties. The natural color of anodizing is typically light silver in appearance, but the coating can also be dyed to help meet customer color requirements. This coating is commonly referred to as Type II Anodizing. Dyed (Color) Anodizing will give your products a professional, yet attractive appearance. Team Metal Finishing standard colors are Red, Blue, Black, Green and Gold. Others are available upon request.

Hard-Coat Anodizing

Similar to Type II Anodizing, but the film of the aluminum oxide is produced at much higher current densities and with much colder temperatures. The result is a film that is greater in thickness, density and more wear and corrosion resistant than standard anodizing. The natural color of hard coat is a darker shade of gray. Typically, 50% of the thickness builds into the material and 50% builds up. Due to the natural color of the coating customers typically request black as the dyed color. Other dye colors tend to be much darker than anticipated because of the color that the hard coat produces. This coating is commonly referred to as Type III Anodizing.

All chemicals used in our Anodizing process are considered FDA “GRAS” (Generally Regarded As Safe), approved list per
Federal Regulation codes:

21 CFR 182

21 CFR 184

21 CFR 186